Iron Dominance by Cari Silverwood

Iron Dominance falls more into the sexy fantasy romance genre than erotic steampunk. The hero is very idealized, kind, and loving while the heroine is fairly passive despite being raised as an assassin. As such, this is more of a gentle erotic book rather than a hard hitting dominance or steampunk themed novel.


Story: Claire is a ‘frankenstruct” – a person made rather than born and without rights in a pseudo-Victorian London. Her mission: to assassinate as needed for her country. When her ship is attacked and cruel masters killed in the crash, she is rescued by the Hellenic nobleman Theo. Though he has peculiar sexual proclivities – he prefers to take a dominating position – Claire finds herself falling in love with her gentle master. But she can’t forget she is a prisoner – and unbeknownst to Theo, an assassin sent to kill him.

The book is a simple read and the meat of it is Theo’s patient seduction of Claire. There is a bit of plot/action/steampunk elements in the beginning and the end but this is first and foremost an erotic romance. A plus is that Claire isn’t stupid and doesn’t do the usual ‘stupid things’ to create tension or drama. But the plot is also very obvious – crash, seduction, then Theo finding out about her being an assassin and not a bodyguard, causing drama. Resolution.

The book was smoothly written and the erotic middle fairly low key and appropriate for a Pseudo-Victorian setting (e.g., no one is saying, “Yeah, baby, like that!” over and over). I think the author did a good job of catching the feel and nuance of the setting. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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