Iphone The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Having just upgraded to an iphone 6, I was looking forward to learning the differences from my iphone 5 as well as picking up little tips along the way. The book is very comprehensive, covering nearly every aspect of iphone usage. As well, a great clickable index in the back and comprehensive troubleshooting section provide a one-stop reference for iphone ownership. The tone is friendly but my one complaint is that the graphic layout is cramped, overly busy, and could really use a more inspired professional hand. But copious amounts of photographs and diagrams go a long way to making the print easier to digest.


The book breaks down as follows: Part 1 covers phone calling: dialing, answering voice control, voice mail, conference calling, texts, Facetime, Siri, etc. Part 2 covers the built in software: music, podcasts, movies, tv shows, photos, videos, etc. Apps are also extensively covered. Part 3 covers the iphone and the internet: email, web browsing, tethering, etc. Part 4 describes Apple services beyond the phone: itunes, syncing calendars, etc. Part 5 contains an appendix that walks you through the set up process and then a second appendix that covers troubleshooting, maintenance, and battery information.

Because the book is so thorough, it makes the perfect companion purchase when buying an iphone 6 (which doesn’t come with a manual). Even for those who have an iphone 5 or newer, this is a great reference to find all the new features and hidden treasures of the iphone 6 and iOS 9. And although 550+ pages sound a lot, most of the book is filled with photographs helping all the text make sense. This book can be covered in under two hours, much less with skimming. As such, it is suitable for those looking for better usage or those purchasing their first iphone. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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