Drug & Drop 1 by CLAMP

Drug & Drop is technically Volume 4 in this ongoing tale; the original title is Legal Drug. CLAMP went through some publishing issues in the middle of the story some years back in Japan and changed name/publisher. Ironically, the same thing happened to the title in the US when Tokyo Pop closed and ceased publishing the story. What it amounts to is this: you’ll want to track down the first three volumes of Legal Drug before you start Drug & Drop.


Story: Kazuo is as inscrutable as ever – but still accompanies Kazahaya on his supernatural ‘jobs’ for the Drug Store. Interestingly enough, the employer this time is Watanuki from Xxholic -and he has a particular quest that will require both Rikuo’s destruction and Kazahaya’s psychic ability. At the same time, Kazahaya’s ‘readings’ of Rikuo’s past are becoming more pronounced; it all portends to unhappiness for both boys at the hands of the two lost girls who haunt them.

While the first three volumes dealt with hints, teases, and vague innuendos about the pasts of both, we are finally getting some answers now. It’s no longer ‘mission/monster’ of the week. Both Tsukiko and Kei are set to make appearances soon and it will likely be quite epic when it happens. Kei’s callous talks of death and murder combined with Tsukiko’s room of blood can’t bode well for Kazahaya or Rikuo.

Of note, this Dark Horse edition has beautiful full color inserts at the beginning. Although not on premium paper, it’s still a treat to see the color pages.

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