Drug and Drop Volume 2 by CLAMP

With Drug and Drop Volume 2, we finally get some long awaited answers about Kazahaya’s and Rikuo’s pasts. Specifically, the two boys something unprecedented in a manga: they actually sit down and tell each other about their mysterious sisters.


Story: When Rikuo turns up badly beaten on the doorstep of the drug shop, everyone recognizes that things are about to change dramatically. At the same time, Kazahaya undertakes a private mission and ends up with revealing ties to a character from another CLAMP series.

The origins of Kei and Tsukiko (the sisters) are fully discussed here. Each has a very different story but also a very definite mystery. As well, we get the Drug and Drop owners finally revealing their demon and angel true personnas.

As with so many CLAMP series, this looks like it won’t have a very happy ever after ending. But the journey is the point and this one has been fascinating so far!

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