Inversion Point by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

I really have fallen completely in love with this series. The authors have lovingly crafted a strong science fiction story replete with heart-pounding adventure and interesting worldbuilding. Yet they have also stayed true to the characters in the process. The result is a group of people that we want to follow long after the romance aspect was taken care of in the first book. Remarkably, the action continues to ratchet up slowly and organically, creating acute tension with exquisite pathos. Did I mention I love this series?


Story: Zed and Flick are thrown right into the deep end of things when the Guardians announce the arrival of a new species. Will they be friend or foe – and how will the hyper aggressive Stin deal with a human being the Emissary to greet the new species? It can all go very right or very wrong: only Zed and Flick’s strength of relationship will see them through the chaos about to erupt in the universe.

The writing continues to be smooth and the story flows quickly. Our main characters as well as their cohorts and adversaries continue to grow while still retaining some doubts and shortcomings. But most importantly, this fourth book is just as action-packed and riveting as the first three in the series. The authors have done an excellent job of continuing to escalate the plot while still keeping it relevant.

Our two main characters go through a lot in this book physically but we never veer into torture porn territory. There’s just the right amount of danger and suspense, heart and soul. Yes, there are still graphic sex scenes that I admittedly skip over since I’m more invested in the characters’ emotional interactions. But this was also a book with several heartstopping action and suspense scenes that had me flipping pages eagerly. The books always have just the right length – never overlong or too short.

I’ve already preordered the next book in the series and will have to wait frustrating months until it arrives. But ah, it will be so worth it when it does!

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