School Judgement 1 by Enoki and Obata

I have to admit – I am having a hard time really getting into this manga. Perhaps it would read better if I was around 11 years old – then the silliness might be nice in a mind-numbing way. But this is no Detective Conan; the cases our litigator has to deal with are a classroom fish that was killed, a hidden camera in an idol’s locker, and whether or not the class high achiever cheated on his exam. Apparently, these cases are so important that our protagonist travels from school to school solving them.


Story: Abaku Inugami travels Japan’s schools to solve cases. He’ll exam all the clues and usually helps his defendant get off by proving them innocent. Along the way, he has to battle super cute idol Pine – the prosecutor with a Precure fixation. Neither six grader wants to lose their case – and they’ll do their best “Ronpa” (arguments) to build their cases.

The panels are a bit crowded and the characters rather 2-dimensional. The ‘crimes’ weren’t very interesting, though there were hints of a bloody and mysterious past for Inugami. But honestly, there just wasn’t enough to sustain my interest in this first volume. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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