The Heiress and the Chauffeur by Keiko Ishihara

The Heiress and the Chauffeur is a light slice-of-life shoujo series about a willful servant and the mistress he protects. The artwork is quite lovely and the Taisho setting (in this case, 1920s) is beautifully (if not accurately) portrayed. The story is sweet and subtle and not meant to have much in the way of angst or excessive emotion.


Story: Teen Sayaka Yoshimura hails from new money in 1920s Japan; she is wealthy but for the most part abandoned by her father after she had a crippling accident that took away her mother. Fortunately for Sayaka, her friend/servant/chauffeur Narutaki looks after her. She’s at the top of her class at the finishing school but Narutaki’s flouting of the rules and abject attention to his mistress is making life difficult for Sayaka. But she doesn’t mind as long as Narutaki is by her side.

The story, as noted, is very tame and gentle. Narutaki is insouciant and disregards Taisho era conventions continually; but Sayaka is fine with that – she would protect him from society as he protects her. And whether she is attending a ball and having to coordinate the haute ton with a crippled leg or dealing with classmates who might be jealous of her red ribbon (gifted to the student of highest standing at the finishing school), Narutaki gives her strength.

Also included is a side story about a casual older thief looking to steal the most beautiful woman in the City. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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