The Guardian Herd: Landfall by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

A review from my 12 year old: The third book of Guardian Herd lived up to the promise of the first two books. But it could have been better, too. I was hoping they would defeat Nightwing already since he had returned to Anok. Star’s friends would have to defeat him so he doesn’t take over Anok. The problem was that half of the Pegasi have joined Nightwing and will fight to the death against Star. But Star doesn’t want to have to hurt any of them.


Most problematic for me, I thought that Nightwing is too much of a boring and typical bad guy. He wants power and to take over everything. Nightwing’s skills also aren’t that interesting. He has a shield, a beam, and a fireball. Kind of unimaginative.

But on the other hand, the book was well written and I enjoyed it. My favorite parts were the battle scenes. They were so exciting I didn’t know what would happen next.

In all, this book was ok. It had one main thing that I disliked (Nightwing being so stereotypical) but all the little details were great. I do recommend it, though, especially for those who liked the first two books. Especially since there will only be one more in this series before the author switches to side characters going to a new land.

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