His Favorite Volume 9 by Suzuki Tanaka

There is just something so endearing about Tanaka’s pairing of ‘troll’ Yoshida and hot guy Sato, even after 9 volumes. Yes, the story does go off on silly tangents now and then when the focus really should always stay on our two leads. But the tale is just so unusual and the two guys too much fun that I always look forward to every new Viz release of His Favorite.


Story: Someone is kidnapping all the chocolatiers in Tokyo. What will Yoshida do when all he wants is to make something special for Sato for Valentine’s Day – and mistakenly becomes embroiled in the kidnappings? Meanwhile, a new students stirs up some trouble when he mistakenly assumes Sato is going out with Yoshida to throw off all the girls. Will Yoshida be too embarrassed to confess the truth?

The treat for readers is the last chapter – when the tone changes a bit to finally give a bit more romance to the silliness. The ending is perfect and a payoff for the wait through so much of the series to see Yoshida and Sato in a private romantic moment.

In all, I love this series. It’s sweet, funny, and silly – and very different. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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