The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

The Obesity Code is a relatively brief and friendly discussion about the role of insulin control and how it affects weight. This isn’t a diet book so much as a discussion on a more modern way to look at everything from fat to processed foods – and especially insulin control.

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At its heart, it breaks down into five basic steps for weight loss: 1) reduce consumption of added sugars, 2) reduce consumption of refined grains; 3) Modern protein intake; 4) Increase consumption of natural fats, and 5) Increase your consumption of fiber and vinegar. This is combined with a concept of fasting to reset the system.

The book covers several relevant and topical subjects – from insulin and cortisol to childhood obesity. Those who have read other modern diet books will see familiar territory here – fat phobia, diet soda issues, fructose, packaged food crisis, and the broad spectrum of failed diets. But for those new to the subject, there is quite a lot here. The focus is obviously on controlling insulin – a subject I haven’t seen broached in any health/diet books recently.

The writing is friendly and easy to follow. Fung wisely avoids going into too much detail or go off on too many tangents. But this also means that he stays fairly general and gets right to the heart of the issue quickly.

The book includes a simple sample meal plan and practical ways of approaching fasting (likely the hardest part of the author’s plan). There are also extensive endnotes to back up the surveys or facts presented. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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