Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman, Megan Spooner

Their Fractured Light completes the Starbound trilogy, bringing characters from the previous books together in order to finally solve the mystery of the Whispers. Authors Kaufman and Spooner did an excellent job of creating three sets of distinct pairs and creating challenges for each that tie in to the overall story. The denouement is action packed and, if not unexpected, makes sense for the overall theme.


Story: Sofia is undercover and with one mission – to kill the man (LaRoux) responsible for her father’s suicide/death. Gideon is a hacker living in the underground and controlling information. When their paths cross at an interrupted assassination attempt, they soon learn there is much more to fear than just LaRoux. For there is a Whisper who has been perverted and wants revenge – on all of humanity.

We see the return of Lilac and Tarver, Flynn and Lee, we come full circle back on Corinth. The introductions in the beginning of the chapters tell the story of just what LaRoux has done, making it becomes obvious why things are in the state they are in.

The first 3/4 is the story of Sofia and Gideon’s uneasy alliance and having to learn to trust. Both have secrets they wish to protect and very different goals. But as LaRoux security begins to track them down, they will have to learn to trust each other and then also Flynn/Lee/Lilac/Tarver. As they all come together, it’s each of their unique skills that will be called upon to save Corinth and the humans from destruction.

The narration of this book was top notch, though I found the chapter headers given in Whisper voices very hard to understand. But in all, an excellent and well-written series.

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