Gotham Academy Volume 2: Calamity

Gotham Academy is the perfect Middle School title – easy to follow with a bit of magic and mystery. Combine a Hogwarts/Harry Potter setting with the DC Universe and you have a series kids will want to follow. Adults will likely also enjoy Gotham Academy as well, though the title may sometimes feel more like an extended Scooby Doo episode rather than a Dark Knight. But a large cast of characters gives the writers plenty of fodder for future arcs.


Story: Olive is seeing her mother everywhere – fearful that she is becoming Calamity herself but also desperate to reconnect with her family. As her friends investigate disturbances, the clues begin to reveal a very deep mystery behind Olive’s family – as well as the tragedy of her mother’s death.

Although there are several small story arcs, the continuing overarching mystery is that of Olive and her past. The love triangle continues to be unresolved but fans of Batman will welcome the appearance of Damien – even if he does little more than pop in and out. There are some amusing Robin inside jokes to be had there.

Despite the book being mostly about Olive, she stays pretty much in the background throughout. We get a lot of Maps and her brother as well as more story about the Academy and its teachers – not all of whom may be working to help the kids and instead may have designs of their own.

In all, Gotham Academy is enjoyable and a great idea all around. But admittedly I do wish for a bit more depth in story, world building. and the characters. It’s the idea rather than the execution that keeps me reading. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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