On Silver Wings by Evan Currie

Currie definitely has a distinct writing style: expect bubble gum sci fi action, a wide list of characters/POVs, and (thankfully) strong female characters who hold their own with the guys. Those expecting hard hitting sci fi may be frustrated by the sheer fun Currie has with the story; but those who sit back and enjoy the ride will appreciate sci fi done with exuberance. It isn’t silly by any means but it is a pleasure all the same.


Story: Hayden is a small colony world with a problem – unknown ships have appeared and are attacking the colonists. Sargent Sorilla Aida is sent to find out what happened – and finds herself trapped on an inhospitable jungle world trying to save what is left of the colonists from an alien invasion. In space, the human military are facing weapons of mass destruction able to take out capital ships with great efficiency. It becomes imperative to get information back to Earth before the threat becomes unmanageable and more ships are lost.

With On Silver Wings, we have a battle on two fronts: on Hayden with Sargent Sorilla and the colonists and in space with several fleet groupings. In all, there were 9-10 POVs that we follow throughout this little war. Some live, some die, and there are many valiant sacrifices in order to save the day.

Currie has a knack for creating interesting aliens that seem plausible but not pretentious. As with the Odyssey One series, the bad guys create great foils for our protagonists. Currie doesn’t forget the science and you’ll find explanations for the physics in here – but never so much that your brain bleeds. He has a great way of blending the science with a really fun story.

Those wondering where this falls in science fiction canon can look to movies. Currie’s books have the same exuberant fun as a Bruckheimer/Bey type of action movie. If you don’t try to take it too seriously, it’s a great time and a very enjoyable read. But it’s never preposterous or melodramatic – just time well spent from the mundane world.

I was greatly reminded of Currie’s other, Heirs of Empire, due to both having a similar type of very strong lead female military commander. In all, a great book and an ok audio narration (too often, it sounded like the narrator had a wad of cotton in her mouth). Really, I look forward to every new Currie book because I know I’m in for a great time!

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