Yellow Volume 3 by Makoto Takeno

As far as plots go, manga authors can go pretty crazy. It works if they lead you into the insanity slowly – doing a ‘wear down your suspension-of-disbelief’ slowly type of approach. With Yellow, however, Tateno throws in a backstory for one of the characters that is, to be honest, preposterously silly and abruptly presented (i.e., out of the blue). Combine that with fairly bland characters without much chemistry, and the melodrama feels overplayed.


Story: Taki is still resisting Goh’s advances. But the surprising death of one of their targets brings Taki’s terrifying past back to haunt both of them. What will Taki sacrifice to protect Goh?

So yes – the elephant in the room here is the rather random reveal of Taki’s ‘parents’. I won’t go into too much detail due to spoiler reasons but this entire volume is about their return and how it affects both Taki and his relationship with Goh.

Goh remains a very one-dimensional character – some really like that aggressive and single minded type of lead. For me, it typically translates into a case of “he’s hot, so he must be the perfect match” type of scenario that I just can’t get behind. I really want there to be more between two people and to see a spark or chemistry. But all we get is Goh being a jerk/insensitive and Taki taking it. It’s disaffecting, really – tough guys can be marshmallows inside, too!

So I didn’t really get into Yellow. On the one hand, I love the larger format of the physical paperback. But on the other hand, the story here got really, really silly.

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