Home on the Range (Down Girl and Sit Series) By Lucy Nolan and Mike Reed

A children’s book this time – a beautifully illustrated tongue in cheek story of a dog named Down Girl and companion Sit.  As you can tell from the names, this is a cute and funny story: two city dogs end up at a dude ranch and have to cope with the denizens they’ve never encountered in their urban homes.


My review:

This is, in my opinion, the best in the series (Down Girl and Sit series) of books for kids. They are really good when read in order but you don’t need any of the previous books to appreciate this stand alone in the set.

The chapters are short and great as a bedtime story or for reading aloud. It involves two dogs who believes their names to be, “Down girl!” and “Sit!”.

The fun of this book is to follow the exploits of the two city dogs who find themselves in the Southwest. They will have run ins with ‘ugly dogs’ (coyotes), crazy squirrels (prarie dogs) and more. The fun of the book is how the dogs try to figure out this new world they’ve been thrust into by their masters!

Highly recommend all the books in the series – very funny but cute and charming, too!

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