Sleeping Your Way To The Top by Terry Cralle, W. David Brown

Sleeping Your Way To The Top is an easy to follow book that debunks quite a few sleep myths while providing the latest research and findings in the field. It is a bit light on the actual suggestions – though each chapter does have some general guidelines. As such, this is intended for normal people who want to do better in their work environment and not for those with serious sleep issues.


The book breaks down as follows: Part One: The Seduction of Sleep (Trumping Sleep; Pure, unadulterated Sleep; Sleep is NOT a Dirty Word; Now Now, I’m Tired; Sleep and Grow Rich); Part Two: Sleeping for Profit (Strange Bedfellows; Staying Power, If You’ve Got it, Flaunt It; Sleeping With The Stars; You Are What You Sleep; Who’s On Top?); Part Three: All You Need Is Sleep (Get A Room; Sleep Envy; Good in Bed; Sleep, Drugs, and Rock & Roll; Sleeping With The Enemy; How About A Quickie?; Sleep Habits of Highly Effective People; Sleeping Your Way To The Top).

The authors are very friendly and cover the topics efficiently and with humor. It makes for a pleasant read and definitely doesn’t get bogged down by the statistics and facts. But it also rambles a bit and points are repeated several times throughout. The emphasis is definitely on the results/symptoms of sleep issues and how they affect every day performance. Not surprisingly, debunking a statement made by Donald Trump about being successful because he doesn’t sleep is the rallying cry repeated throughout the book: few people can avoid sleep and succeed.

Because this is aimed at businessmen (or those in a business environment such as professional athletes, writers, etc.), that is the focus throughout – how to do your job better. Yes, the tips are applicable to say, e..g., a homemaker, college student, etc. But at heart, the title really does say it all – sleep effectively to be better at your job.

Rather than Self Help, I would categorize this as a business book, in the lines of being a better manager especially. Again, not intended for those with serious sleep issues but there is some great information and advice in here for the average person – from creating a clean bedroom free of distraction, clutter, noise, even partners sometimes – as well as other issues such mattresses, sex, stress, circadian rhythms, etc. etc. The friendly tone makes for a quick and easy read – just not on a Kindle before bedtime due to blue light leakage! Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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