Close The Last Door! Volume 1 by Yugi Yamada

Close The Last Door hits a very generic line – there’s nothing new here in this office romance and certainly the cliche cardboard characterizations don’t help. At some point, it began to feel like the author was phoning it in, adding in the usual misunderstandings, miscommunication, and predatory alpha male behavior. I was bored.


Story: Nagai has a crush on Saitou – but on the day of Saitou’s wedding, he recognizes he has to throw in the towel. But wait – the best man is quite something of an alpha male who takes an inexplicable interest in Nagai, taking him home when the man gets drunk. Poor Nagai is completely confused – especially when Saitou’s new wife runs off and Saitou comes running to Nagai for comfort.

So, this felt like a 1980s Harlequin Romance with one lead character changing gender. Unfortunately, we never get a chance to like any of the guys – they are just so bland and stereotypical (weak Saitou, confused Nagai, commandeering). There are no nuances here and the attractions or puzzling rather than romantic. I’d have to say this is the literary equivalent of a paint-by-numbers kit for kids – a write by rote story we’ve seen a dozen times.

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