Attack on Titan No Regrets 2 by Hikari Suruga, Gun Snark, Hajime Suruga

With this second and final volume, we bring the origin story of Levi and Erwin to a close. Fans of the series will spot regulars (like Hange, as quirky as ever) but the focus is definitely on Erwin and Levi coming to their position of mutual respect. Of note, the manga is quite different than the anime adaptation OVA, so this is definitely worth a purchase.

20697563 (1).jpg

Story: As the Survey Corps ride out with a bold new plan by Erwin, Levi will use a dense storm to try to murder Erwin and steal the paperwork that will free his underground band forever. But the same storm that gives him his opportunity also allows for a horrific Titan attack. And in acting out on his own, Levi may end up leaving his companions completely defenseless.

Those familiar with the Attack on Titan storyline will likely guess what happens to likable companions Isabel and Flagon since they don’t show up in the contemporary storyline. But the action here is quite riveting and where the tragedy comes to its natural conclusion. Erwin’s big picture of heavy sacrifice for great victories will foreshadow events in the series – here, we see how his Machiavellian plotting can have such catastrophic results.

The artwork is quite lovely, true to the original author’s illustration work, though definitely a bit ‘prettier’. And the story itself fits seamlessly into the Attack on Titan Canon. Note that there are color pages in this short volume.

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