Outriders by Jay Posey

What we have with Outriders is one very well written spy novel that happens to be set in the future. And although there are the typical sci if accouterments (reanimation, space stations, flying automated cars), this really is much more James Bond than Asimov. Author Posey gives us a set of distinct but very likable characters who we want to follow and cheer while they go about their business of (secretly) saving the universe.

25355562 (1).jpg

Story: Lincoln Suh is proud to be selected for a special military training program; but when he is summarily dismissed for mysterious reasons, he is shattered. Only to them be recruited into a covert ops team with no accountability: the Outriders. Now heading the team, he and his squad will do all they can under the radar to ensure their missions’ successes. And whether they are performing surveillance, extractions, or discovery missions, we know they will get the job done.

Those expecting typical sci fi action will likely surprised since there is very little of that in here. Admittedly, I was hoping more for sci fi ‘pew pew’ laser battles rather than cloak and dagger. I’m not really a fan of spy novels and that is what we have with Outriders. But Posey’s writing is easy, the characters nuanced, and certainly there is a lot to love here as a result. The villains are just as interesting as the good guys and there is definitely a set up for a larger story (though this ends on a solid note and without a cliffhanger).

In all, I enjoyed Outriders but want to classify it as adventure more than sci fi. Certainly, I look forward to the next novel in the series.

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