Little Butterfly Volume 3 by Hinako Takanaga

Little Butterfly is the third and final volume in the series; as such, it closes the story of our two protagonists with a neat bow on top. As with the two previous volumes, this is a light and fluffy story that is missing so much of the depth and nuance to be found in this genre. There’s some generic angst in the family backgrounds but otherwise, I felt like I was reading a story about two fluffy bunnies that fall in love amidst some silly melodrama.

30232 (1).jpg

Story: Nakahara is still having problems with his mother not recognizing him in her madness. Fortunately, Kojima is there to be his support. The two realize that yes, fluffy bunnies do fall in love and so are they – and they live happily every after.

The art is as generic as the story for me – with the usual boy-looking blonde paired with dark haired moody emo dude. I can’t really say that the story went anywhere or pushed any buttons – if not for some of the graphic scenes, I would have targeted this to Full Moon Wo Sagashite fans for its cutesy factor.

In all, probably not worth a purchase.

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