Black Magick Volume 1 by Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott

Black Magick is a hard as nails urban fantasy featuring a strong cast of intricately nuanced characters. The story begins strongly and continues to capture interest through all five of the collected issues. Author Rucka wisely holds back info dumps while slowly ratcheting up the tension and intrigue.


Story: Rowan Black is a homicide detective by day and practicing witch by night. Alone with her small coven, she integrates seamlessly into normal life while keeping the more supernatural aspects of her job in check. But that is about to change as a kidnapping becomes very personal; someone – or something – is targeting her in particular. And the body count is going to rise until it gets her.

In this introduction to the series, Rowan is balancing her normal job while also dealing with the aspects of being a modern day witch. If it sounds fanciful, it really isn’t. This is a dark and very serious story with moments of light humor and a lot of snark. The main arc is about something evil targeting Rowan. The minor arcs are the murders that are all pointing directly at Rowan.

Rowan is a very capable and strong female character who avoids the cliche of being unlikable. Around her, she juggles her day job with partner detective while doing coven duties at night. Side characters are fascinatingly drawn – from an ambivalent fellow witch to a possessed assassin. But at its heart, this is Rowan’s story as she fights to uncover her nemesis.

In all, I greatly enjoyed this dark urban fantasy. A strong but likable female character is a welcome relief and there are enough hints at intriguing places where the story will go. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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