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The Jekyll Island Chronicles by Steve Nedvidek, Ed Crowell, Jack Lowe, Moses Nester

The Jekyll Island Chronicles is a very difficult book to review since I continually found myself wondering if there was some underlying satire at the story premise. One has to appreciate the irony that in the era of Occupy Wall … Continue reading

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Until The Beginning by Amy Plum

I had really enjoyed the first book – After The End. It was a great way to relook at YA dystopian, featuring a bit of a lone wolf strong female character having to navigate a landscape of new realities. Her … Continue reading

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Switch Volume 1 by Naked Ape

Switch ended up being an odd duck – and one that is very hard to like. The story, as presented, is extremely choppy and hard to follow. Characters have reactions and pointed looks – but the reader has no idea … Continue reading

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Tokyo Ghoul 7 by Sui Ishida

With volume 7, we get a very large pivot in the story – really, we finally have Kaneki come into his own. Of course, this being what it is, the transformation will be the result of horrific acts pushing him … Continue reading

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The Acne Anser by Marie Veronique Nadeau

The Acne Answer was a nicely designed but ultimately very frustrating read. In an exercise of form over function, I really didn’t get any of the answers I was looking for within the book. In trying to be everything to … Continue reading

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The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

Stiefvater has really honed her storytelling skills by this book – the last in the Raven Cycle series. The writing is assured, characters highly nuanced and full of depth, the story rich. Yes, at times it can feel that she … Continue reading

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Ion by Arina Tanemura

Ion is Tanemura first series – and it shows. Dating from around 1996, even the author apologizes for the inconsistent story and unrefined artwork. Yes, it has a spark of the charm that would appear in her later works. But … Continue reading

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