Tokyo Ghoul 7 by Sui Ishida

With volume 7, we get a very large pivot in the story – really, we finally have Kaneki come into his own. Of course, this being what it is, the transformation will be the result of horrific acts pushing him beyond his sanity point. But it is the brink of what is to come in the second large arc of the manga.


Story: Kaneki has been kidnapped by the Aogiri ghouls. With a terrifying capriciousness, he is tortured daily beyond reason until his mind fragments. From this, comes a reborn Kaneki – with a new mission and vision on the world. But he still has to survive both the Aogiri and the Doves who are attempting to storm the stronghold in which he is imprisoned.

There is some great action here, especially by Juzo. Really, it was worth it for that alone, though it is midpoint in this volume that Kaneki gains his white hair and new resolve. Rather than powering up as with so many shounen titles, here he gets the power from finally surrendering to his ghoul self – literally eating up his human side.

There is the usual amount of horror, depravity, and callousness that mark this series so distinctly. But by volume 7, the squeamish will already have fled. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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