Switch Volume 1 by Naked Ape

Switch ended up being an odd duck – and one that is very hard to like. The story, as presented, is extremely choppy and hard to follow. Characters have reactions and pointed looks – but the reader has no idea what’s going for most of them. As such, the characters end up being obtuse and uninteresting, the plot static rather than edgy. Flashbacks seem random and the idea that these young guys are detectives is a complete farce.


Story: Two young police officers are forced to work together to solve crimes. Currently, they are tasked with getting behind a new drug on the streets: dragon seed. One will go undercover, working with an informant who is an idol (and who has problems of his own). The other does surveillance from behind the scenes. Both will run into serious trouble by the end of this first volume.

Honestly, I have to admit that I had no idea what was going on through most of this. Scenes moved on, ended, or just stopped with no rhyme or reason. I’d like to think this was a stylistic thing or that I was missing something culturally. But I used the Viz translation so I can’t blame poor fan translations as the cause. Rereading didn’t help.

The illustration work is lovely, if confusing. None of the guys are hard to look at but none have much in the way of nuance or personality, either. Action is nearly impossible to figure out – it worked in one instance of a stabbing but in others, not so much. sadly, it was easier to just skip pages and hope the story would make sense by the end. I get that this is supposed to be hard and edgy – but it just ended up feeling overwrought to me.

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