Broth and Stock by Jennifer McGruther

From the lengthy subtitle you get the full scope of this recipe book: directions for making non-greasy but rich broth as well as several recipes in which to use your new stock. The book is broken down by broth types and then ingredient-focused recipes: (chicken/turkey, pork, beef, seafood, vegetable, lamb).


The layout of the recipes is easy to follow: title at the top with prep/cook time and serving size, an italicized ingredients list on the left, introduction and then steps on the right. I typically prefer recipe steps to be numbered and for the paragraphs to not get too long, which unfortunately was not done here. But that lack is made up for a copious amount of full page photographs of the finished items.

The recipes are numerous but they are diverse. Examples include: pink shrimp chowder, miso-glazed bok choy, potato and onion gratin, Rhode Island clear clam chowder, dashi, quick pho, oxtail stew, ‘teas’ to use instead of morning coffee, etc. Each is easy to follow.

In all, a good resource that is brief but to the point as well as beautifully presented. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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