Star Trek Manifest Destiny 1 by Mike Johnson, Ryan Parrott

This first volume, which introduces a new storyline for the current Star Trek incarnation crew, is a short 24 pages that ends just as the action begins. The artwork captures the likenesses of the stars who play the crew nicely but lacks nuances and facial features (it is very static at times). The story, unfortunately, feels very unimaginative and overwritten.


Story: a bog standard ‘evil megalomaniac Klingon’ does evil megalomanical things in his quest for power: murdering underlings who question his tactics and killing women and children. Cue Enterprise crew who gets caught in his trap while answering a distress call.

The 24 pages didn’t endear me to this plot: the Klingon leader is, honestly, stupid and the way his trap was laid out doesn’t make a lot of sense (minor spoiler since this happens in the first 20 pages): how stupid do you have to be that you spring a trap by hailing the enemy first with evil taunts (hey, who needs surprise?) and then decloaking so close that he can disable you too? I’m supposed to be impressed that the Enterprise survives this nefarious scheme?

We’ve seen this plot a thousand times – the best villains are smart, not just evil. Of course, we have the junior officer questioning the evilness of his superior – and paying the ultimate price for it. That comes after the wanton butchering of sweet and nice aliens, natch.

This honest could use some better writing and there’s not a lot of promise here. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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