Behind the Scenes!! Volume 2 by Bisco Hatori

With this second volume, it is clear that Behind the Scenes will be about showcasing a person and their life. Each of those vignettes will be about this happening: 1) introduce a person; 2) their quirk causes them a problem; 3) Goda and the gang will solve it; 4) Ranmaru will admire that person. All within the premise of an obsession for move making. I have to admit, I am just not warming up to this title.


There is a lot of rah rah movie discussions that are great if one is into that – if not, it can get tedious. From props to mise en scene, make up and set dressing, to annoying actors who don’t appreciate what goes into a scene, it’s all here. And yet, I think I’d still rather just go to Universal Studios for the day since the characters’ passion here just doesn’t match my own. I’d have to really care about the cinematic process more.

I think this is definitely one for Bisco Hatori fans. Her slow burn sweetness has endeared her to many readers for slice of life storylines. But for me, I have to admit I am not finding much to keep following Slice of Life.

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