Honey So Sweet Volume 2 by Amu Meguro

I had wondered where Meguro would take the story since the couple ended up together in volume 1. But as with so many shoujo manga, it’s never a fait accompli when the couple gets together. This series is more about what happens afterward – as the two get to know each other and recognize their own needs/desires.


Story Nao and Taiga are quietly together – but neither have shared much; they aren’t even on a first name basis. But as Taiga’s friend Futami looks on, he begins to realize that Nao is a special catch. The two boys will have a friendly rivalry over Nao’s attentions – a distraction that could destroy the fragile new relationship that’s just developed.

Typically, I find the ‘new aggressive love interest’ a tired cliche in Shoujo works (along with ‘misunderstands’ (also used here)) – something a lesser author uses to create drama. Here, I actually didn’t mind it since a) Futami is given a reason for the attraction that makes sense and b) the boys aren’t being mean, vicious, or underhanded. But it is always the little things that trip up things; e.g., Futami calling Nao by her first name where Taiga doesn’t have the courage. And author Meguro does a good job with these.

The illustration work is excellent as always. Expressions are captured nicely and I like how Taiga is drawn to look mean but also to not look mean – a hallmark of his character. And Nao remains constant but is understandably flustered by Futami’s attention.

In all, a very sweet slice of life romance. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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