Brace For Impact by Peter Pigott

Brace For Impact is a thorough but brief examination of air crash incidents and safety in Canadian history. Although some crashes outside of Canada are mentioned, most are purely for reference to laws, regulations, similar incidents, or pressures put on Canadian aviation. As such, this isn’t an in depth examination of individual crashes (most are described in a few sentences); rather, it is a general overview for educational/historical purposes.


The book is arranged chronologically, starting from the first flights around the turn of the century and then progressing up through the decades. Topics affecting air safety and crashes – from maverick owners, daredevil pilots, deregulation in the 1970s in the US, the Comet crash aftermath, and the rise of air crash investigation are a good example of what is covered within the book.

As noted, the chapters are fairly brief and to the point. There is a large notes section in the back which adds to the page count but doesn’t affect the reading experience. The writing is direct and logical, well structured and easy to follow.

Those looking for specific information about air crashes won’t find what they are looking for within this book and would be best suited checking wikipedia or watching Air Crash Investigation/Mayday TV series. But as a short survey of air crashes in Canada, author Pigott has done a good job putting it all together. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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