The Heiress and the Chauffeur Volume 2 by Keiko Ishihara

With this second and final volume in the series, Sayaka and Narutaki’s romance reaches its natural conclusion. Of course, there will be the typical competing love interest introduced and usual ‘last minute at the airport/harbor’ meet up. Ishihara doesn’t tread any new ground here and the ending is fairly underwhelming.


Story: Sayaka is introduced to Akihito – an Earl and her potential husband. But she is still grappling with her feelings for her chauffeur, Narutaki. Will she give in to the demands of her father and marry Akihito – or run away with Narutaki to find her own happiness?

The story is a bit choppy and even Ishihara admits that the pacing was a bit off in order to finish the story in 2 volumes. But the artwork is quite lovely and very similar to Yuu Watase’s work (e.g., Absolute Boyfriend or Fushigi Yuugi). The usual happy ever after means that this is a story you read and then instantly forget. But those who like a sweet little historical will find this enjoyable, if utterly unfulfilling.

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