Throne of Novoxos by Tyler Chase

Admittedly, I had a hard time with this novel. Both the plot and the writing trod well worn tropes without really utilizing the sci fi setting. Characters were flat as cardboard, with the evil being eeeevil and the good so over-the-top angelic that I’d expect little birds to brush their hair in the morning. Alpha overbearing male lead, sweet and innocent (with a hidden past!) heroine, and a lot of undeveloped extras make up the bulk of this story.


The writing was especially bland – within the first few pages we get clunky and cliche’d sentences such as these:

“I cannot be certain until we’ve interrogated the survivors. If House Bastionli is behind this, they will pay dearly for their meddling.”

“He jumped up onto the execution platform and retrieved the ostako swords still dripping with blood and bits of flesh.”

“…he stood nearly a head taller than most men and possessed a fierce look in his striking green eyes, while his raven-black hair contrasted sharply against his fair skin…”

Pretty much most of the plot is telegraphed and there aren’t any real surprises. Even by idealistic standards, this is fairy tale fluffy with some rather violent/aggressive sex thrown in. The sci fi aspects serve only so we can have royalty but not with the usual medieval fantasy trapping. They don’t really add to the story at all since the story is very generic.

Undemanding readers of the romance genre will find this to be a nice little time killer. But readers of the sci fi genre especially will likely be frustrated by the lack of depth and nuance.

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