Dragon Age: Magekiller by Greg Rucka

Dragon Age: Mage Killer remains very true to the Dragon Age world. In fact, it takes place during the entirety of the Inquisition game. The illustrations are well done and likenesses are true to the game. But the story is rather pointless and seems more like a way to introduce/give backstory on characters that may be the leads in the next game. Nothing much happens and it jumps around everywhere.


Tessa is a friendly rogue and Marius is a deadly serious warrior/mage killer. He was once a Tevinter slave but claims he bears no special ill will to all Tevinter. When they are lured to a job, they become embroiled in Tevinter politics – and eventually become part of the Inquisition. After excursions to Inquisition locations with Dorian and the Chargers (minus Bull), they take assignments from Charter as the Inquisition deals with the hole the sky.

I appreciated seeing cameos of many characters – from the Chargers, of course, to Leliana and Dorian. But it was also great to see Charter in action; she is Leliana’s main spy and responsible for recruiting Scout Harding. Tessa and Charter have a little romance but we don’t see any of it – it’s only hinted at as off-jokes to oblivious Marius. And Marius himself seems like a mixture of Alistair’s obtuseness with Hawke’s gritty determination.

I wish the stories went somewhere. There really isn’t much of a story here yet it seems so obvious that one could have been built upon instead of throwing character and game vignettes around willy-nilly. I like a cameo as much as the next person (Hi Dorian!) but I have already completely forgotten what this graphic novel was about. That certainly never happened after playing the Dragon Age games.

So yes, I’d say a graphic novel for fans and hope this is a sneak of the characters we will get with the next Dragon Age game. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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