Orange Planet 1 by Haruka Fukushima

There’s bland – and then there’s confusing, pointless, unrealistic, and boringly bland. This falls squarely into the latter category: a complete waste of time with an idiot protagonist, stupid boys, and plot-by-numbers harem romance. Perhaps 8 year old girls love this kind of Mary Sue – plucky young girl and all the guys inexplicably falling all over her. For me, I want more maturity, depth, nuance, and likeable (if not relatable) characters.


Story: Middle School Rui has boy problems. Too many cute guys are in love with her and fighting over her. But hey, she’s cute and cheerful, so there are worse problems to have, right?

The drawings are uninspired and all the boys look alike. The panels are VERY difficult to figure out what is happening (which isn’t much, too!) and after awhile, it was just easier to give up. Life is too short to waste even 10 minutes on this manga. I could feel my brain melting into idiocracy after 10 pages.

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