Tokyo Ghoul 8 by Sui Ishida

With Tokyo Ghoul 8, we get the full backstory on Touka and Ayato, the renewed Kaneki, and boss fights with Owl. Ishida carefully weaves pathos into his story of the siblings and their tragic upbringing. Love, betrayal, and conflict are the hallmarks of this important volume in the series; shifting our protagonist Kaneki from passive to active as he seeks to protect what is important to him.


Story: As Ayato systematically destroys Touka, she flashes back to their childhood as outcasts – ghouls hiding in mainstream society by a gentle father. He tries his best to keep them safe and blending in with the neighbors. But when their peculiar habits are suspected and their father goes missing, those they counted on will turn on them. While Touka remains true to her father’s ideals, Ayato is resentful and hateful to the humans. Meanwhile, white haired Kaneki has awakened and he is fearsome in his determination. When he arrives and sees what Ayato is doing to Touka, true vengeance will be unleashed.

Another interesting volume in this graphically violent but well constructed series. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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One Response to Tokyo Ghoul 8 by Sui Ishida

  1. librarian25 says:

    I really liked this volume, and it’s definitely one of the best yet. This series just gets better with each passing volume. One of my all time favorite things about anime/manga is when the main character undergoes a change, and when their change is revealed to the rest of the cast is the type of reactions I live for. I always think ‘how would I react if that were my best friend and I saw him like that?’ and like most manga/anime out there I find it funny that most of the character in TG just shrug his transformation off as if it were normal.

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