Slough Dough Real Bread by Chris Young

Slow Dough Real Bread is a beautifully presented and easy to follow cookbook featuring bread recipes from around the world. Whether a Finnish pulla, San Francisco sourdough, or Istanbul breakfast bread, the list is quite comprehensive.


This is a collection of recipes from various individuals from the ‘real bread campaign’ in England. The campaign aims to bring back real breads and avoid the chemical premade loaves that dominate store shelves. As the book title suggests, most of the breads are made by having the dough rise slowly overnight – either in warm areas or in the refrigerator.

None of the recipes are particularly difficult and most of the ingredients are fairly common. Most of the work is in the kneading and tips are given if breads come out wrong – too hard, too soft, not risen, etc. A comprehensive list of tools as well as techniques are also presented.

The book has copious amounts of pictures for the different breads (with several recipes focused on what to do with bread leftover pieces). The recipes break down by : pre-ferment, long ferment, sourdough, and leftovers. Recipes cover everything from overnight white to stout stilton and walnut bread. Leftovers can be used for pies, salads, soups, etc.

Clearly, this is a labor of love by the bread bakers. Although they are based mostly in the UK, I found the recipes easy to follow from an American perspective. There is a nice long list of recipes as well so quite a bit of breads to explore over the coming year. In all, very pleased with th

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