Translucid Dragonfire Station Book 1 By Zen Di Pietro

Translucid is an easy to read sci fi adventure featuring a strong female protagonist. Although yes, this character has a wife, the romance is non-existent here with the focus being on the mystery of whether our heroine was in an accident or was the target of an assassination. While the book is enjoyable, I did find the pacing to be very off and tone surprisingly passive considering the nature of the revelations as they unfolded


Story: Eme is the head of security on a small space station. A shuttle accident has taken away her recent memories and all she has to work with is the knowledge that she has skills that go beyond what is needed for the position or that she should have. As she begins to piece together her life with the help of friends (not so much her wife), she begins to realize that the accident may have been planned – and that she is much more than what she thought.

As noted, those looking for romance will not find it in this first book. Eme’s wife is poorly described and fairly written out early. That was surprising but it does keep the focus on the mystery instead. But good interactions with interesting side characters do make up for that lack of development.

The action and story are extremely passive and that does hurt the pacing of the book. Our main character recounts things almost as if bored and they already happened – a serious writing flaw that robs the book of so much energy. It was hard to stay interested in the plot at times and instead it was all about the various characters that Eme encounters. The book could really have used some creative and dynamic writing to elevate a decent read into a good one.

In all, because the writing is smooth, Translucid station is a quick and easy read. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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