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The Ones by Daniel Sweren-Becker

Within the first few pages, I knew I was going to have a hard time with The Ones. The author is clearly going for a Message (with a capital M), with every hot topic from Gitmo torture, the Holocaust, racial … Continue reading

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Avatar The Last Airbender North and South 1

This series/continuation of the original Avatar series is truly wonderful: the art/coloring exquisite, storytelling fun, and the characters are captured perfectly. Each of these books has really been a present to Avatar fans and I highly recommend them. With this … Continue reading

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Devolution by Rick Remender

Sadly, there was very little that I found to like in Devolution. We have a well worn dystopian path (Mad Max, etc.) and a really bonkers premise (remove religion from people’s brains and wars will end that instead mutates them … Continue reading

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Alena by Kim Andersson

Alena likely is getting much attention thanks to the success of Let The Right One In. Clearly, both books have roots in the same Swedish formula: unrelentingly grim milieu in which ambivalent and bullied characters grapple with handling magical realism. … Continue reading

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