Black Clover 3 by Yuki Tabata

With Black Clover 3, our two boys Yuno and Asta each get power ups as they conclude the treasure arc. The plot repeats with bad guys with better and better powers get ultimately destroyed by Asta’s anti-magic. At least with this volume, the ‘brothers’ get to fight together as their teams unite.


Story: The fight in the dungeon gets serious as both Noelle and Asta are seriously wounded. With most of their teammates encased in crystals, the fight may be beyond their winning. Later, they finally get to meet the wizard king – who has some surprises of his own as he invites them to a special awards dinner. But once again, the boys are looked down upon as peasants and Asta will have to prove himself their equal.

There is a bit of a formula here that is admittedly frustrating. Where Bleach powerups were kind of fun and interesting (and earned), with Black Clover the powerups are just handed out because the boys are considered ‘deserving’. It makes the fights kind of silly when they get a huge power up that destroys everything immediately anyway. As well, the character designs are rather limited and odd – with characters too often looking like weird aliens. Combined with the oddly placed and jarring fan service images, and I’ll probably stop with this volume. It just isn’t catching me the way Bleach or World Trigger did. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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