Haikyuu 4 byHaruichi Furudate

With Haikyuu 4, the Karasuno ‘crows’ get a chance to play several games against rival Nekoma (the ‘cats’). The games are practice only but underscore several goals that the team will need to fix in order to become better. Most especially, that the Cats have no star players yet play consistently and solidly – and can analyze their opponents better. What starts as a winning game for the Crows soon turns against them as the Cats figure out Kageyama’s freaky setting and Hinata’s speed. It’s a good reminder that a solid team can still beat our Karasuno’s prodigies.


In all, a nice volume that shows off the strength of the team but also its weaknesses. There are cute moments throughout as friendly rivals throw taunts or try to get to know Kiyomi the manager better. But the stars are always going to be Hinata and Kageyama. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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