Kuroko’s Basketball 2 in 1, Volume 2

Volumes 3 and 4 cover two epic games for Seirin: advanced teams from Seiho and Shutako schools. Both teams have an edge and are considered the North and South Kings. In order to win, Seirin will have to pull out a full surprises of their own – and rely on more than Kurko’s speed in the process. At the same time, they have to find the stamina to survive two very tough matches.

29499051 (1).jpg

Kuroko’s Basketball continues to be an enjoyable sports themed manga. The characters are exuberant and livery without ever really taking themselves too seriously. Fujimaki knows how to draw out the anticipation and enjoys throwing in the shounen staple of ‘power ups’ for the characters.

This volume introduces some good adversaries for our crew (including one who can actually ‘see’ Kuroko wherever he is!). One thing is for sure, the games will be very close.

Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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