World’s Greatest First Love Volume 5 by Shungiku Nakamura

Volume 5 continues two different stories: the main of Ritsu and his conflicting relationship with boss and former love Takano / Shota and younger Yukina. The typical conflicts are here – old flames, insecurities, inability to accept the relationship.


Shota Kisa is having a hard time after seeing Yukina leave with a girl toward the hotel district. Has Yukina tired of his older guy already? Fortunately for Shota, Yukina isn’t giving up on him that easily. Meanwhile, living next door to Takano can be very frustrating for Ritsu. The neighbors are starting to become curious about the two young handsome guys – and Takano is only too eager to give the wrong idea. When Takano becomes sick, Shota is forced to come to his aid. But once again, former fiance an Chan plays a major obstacle, as does Takano’s coworker who still hasn’t happy with Ritsu.

Both stories get some nice romantic moments here and each gives in and lets the relationship happen. Of course, new problems spring up but at least we get the nice moments in between. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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