Bleach 68 by Tite Kubo

Although this last battle has continued for quite awhile and has Kubo’s trademark wide character array, the action is still brilliant and the artwork superb. There are several twists here in volume 68 and an ultimate sacrifice by one of the Gotei 13 adds poignancy to all the action.


Story: As this final story arc continues, Soul Society is in dire straights and the Shinigami will have to make a pact with the devil in order to save Ywach. But is bringing back the horror that is Aizen worth the danger that he poses? As the Soul King is finally defeated, everything begins to crumble – will Ichigo and his human crew have enough power to stop Ywach even when one of their own betrays them?

The focus on this volume is split between Ichigo and his small group in the palace while down in Soul Society, Urahara calls a meeting of the remaining captains and co-captains in order to find a way to get up to help Ichigo. Ywach still believes he has the upperhand from his all-seeing eye, so it is interesting to see how our heroes will outwit him.

It’s a quick chapter with plenty of action and the heartbreaking confirmation of Ishida’s betrayal to contend with by Ichigo. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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