Everyone’s Getting Married 3 by Izumi Miyazono

With Volume 3, I am finding the same cliches used create drama in a relationship: former girlfriend, good looking new rival, and circumstance creating ‘great misunderstandings’. The title is very sweet and certainly I appreciate that lead character Asuka is good at what she does at the office even though she wants to be a housewife instead. But I admit I’m hoping Miyazono creates something new here to make the series fresh and interesting. There has to be something more than the premise to keep me interested.


Story: Asuka knows that Ryu isn’t likely to ever marry her – despite that being her major goal in life. But it is enough for her now that he loves her and she loves him. But then Ryu has to work with the woman who created his anti-marriage feelings and Asuka has to wonder if he still cares for her. When one of Asuka’s coworkers proposes to her and offers all that she had wanted in a relationship, she has to wonder if she is making the right choice to stay with Ryu.

The intimate and romantic scenes of the couple are very sweet and the security of their relationship is only mildly compromised by all the new drama introduced in each chapter. I also liked that when Asuka complains about the selfishness of the marriage proposal, she is called out as being selfish in her own way for requiring marriage and requiring that she be a homemaker in order to find her happiness. It was a nice turning of the tables and caused Asuka pause.

Most of the series is about interesting thoughts of what it means to be happy in a relationship. Is the woman who stays with an unfaithful husband actually happy despite her claims? Can a woman who wants one thing in a relationship but gets something else be happy? And can a man who sees only unhappiness from a union like marriage really find happiness if he marries and feels subconsciously trapped?

Included in volume 3 is a short story entitled No Smoking For Nanaryu. As much as I love Viz’s josei (adult woman oriented) titles, I keep hoping for more from Everyone’s Getting Married than the standard tropes. What keeps me reading is that the relationship is gentle rather than melodramatic. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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