World Trigger 14 by Daisuke Ashihara

With World Trigger 14, we see the consequences of the last rank war in which T2 lost to the higher ranked B squads. Mikumo is doing soul searching while Enedorad is grudgingly giving information about Aftokrator. Some big changes are made in how Mikumo and Chika fight – perhaps so much that they can finally gain an advantage in the next rank wars. But at the same time, Afterkrator isn’t finished with Meedan.


Story: Osamu asks Jin if he would join T2 now that he was no longer a special agent. Jin’s answer is surprising – T2 looks like they will be getting a fourth member, but who??! Meanwhile, still smarting from his early bail out to Azuma’s sniping, Osamu looks to the A ranks for advice. Surprisingly, it’s Kitora who might provide the best means for Osamu to increase his utility to T2. At a special meeting, Kido lays out plans for defense against a potential incoming attack from two of Aftokrator’s allies. The problem is, they have no idea what to expect from the attack. Turns out, it will be sooner than later!

The sniper practice battle was very fun – and it is interesting to note that although Touma and Yuzuru rarely get first, their results show that they are very creative. Touma is the only sniper to not be found but he only took out 12 people or so – ranking poorly. But if one examines his hits closely, it becomes obvious that he took out all the top snipers and didn’t bother with the lower ranked ones (and all without being found once). This is also the introduction to Yuzuru recognizing a kindred spirit in Chika to his beloved mentor Hatohara. he’d like to save Chika from the disillusionment that likely encouraged Hatohara to betray Border.

Yuuma’s nickname for Enedora is Enedorad – a combination of him being both a rad and his name Enedora. Enedorad’s rebuke of Yuuma for the insulting nickname is quite cute, though! As is their easy banter. Of note, we also get to see more of Raizo – the very talented former combat guy who became and engineer and watches Terminator movies with Enedorad.

The volume gives us a whole new set of bad guys in the form of Galapoula. We also have a big warning from Amo that there are some powerful soldiers within the Galapoula attack force. But as seen at the end, Border is ready! Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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