The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

I think this is aimed squarely at the less demanding YA readers – perhaps those that enjoy Dan Brown or the Twilight series. Because honestly, it’s all pretty silly and with some majorly obvious and really bad logic holes. I could tell fairly early that it would be a problematic listen/read when there is a protagonist with a hot guy stalking her and so she jumps on a plane randomly with an airhead relative after being told she can find her kidnapped mother that way. Illuminati here we go…..


Story: A hot new guy comes to her school and she’s flattered by his attention – until she sees her picture fall out of his bag. After conveniently overhearing him talking about her on the phone (and suddenly talking in a British accent) she confronts him. Only to learn that her mother has been kidnapped and she might be a speshul snowflake who can save the world and prevent World War III. And hot guy is there to protect her, of course! Upon arrival in Paris, she meets hot guy number 2 who teases her as a bad boy – she’s so flattered by it that she forgets her mother is in mortal peril. But hey, at least he has beautiful eyes.

If you can shut off your brain and don’t mind absolute fluff, then likely you’ll enjoy this story as pure escapism. And heck, who doesn’t want two hot guys after you while you have globe hop to find clues to save the world from the shadow people who pull the strings of the powerful. And yeah, check out the hot guys falling all over you.

Note: I listened to the audible version and the narrator did a decent job with what she had.

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