Princess Resurrection 1 by Yasunori Mitsunaga

With Princess Resurrection, we have a story we’ve seen a thousand times: Hapless but genial high school boy meets random sexy tsundere supernatural princess; hijinks ensue. I’d like to say that there is something even remotely original here but I honestly got bored by the repetition before I even got to the middle of the book. The writing is lazy and characters pretty cardboard. It’s not that there is a mystery set up that we will learn more later; rather, it feels like a story written by someone who can’t be bothered to create more distinct characters or worldbuilding.


Story: Hiro arrives at a new school to be with his sister who got a job as a maid. But he is run over by a car and killed – until a woman gives him her blood and tells him he is now her servant. Our ‘zombie’ boy must drink her blood every few days in order to still survive. Along with her pet robot child and his sister the maid, Hiro and crew battle monsters who want to take out ‘princess resurrection.’

The story makes absolutely no sense (which probably doesn’t bother most manger readers, admittedly) and hops around all over the place. Pacing is very off and the attempts at humor are very bland. It feels very monster of the week and the running gag of Hiro getting killed off every chapter gets old fast.

The artwork is fine – nothing original here or even that interesting. Fans of stories where average-joe boy has to be enslaved by an imperious princess type will likely love this story. Everyone else may soon get very disenchanted.

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