Code Geass: Suzaku by Ichirou Ohkouchi, Goro Taniguichi, Atsuro Yomino

Code Geass Suzaku isn’t a retelling of the story from Suzaku’s viewpoint so much as an alternate history treatment. Author Ohkouchi doesn’t stick to the facts of the anime and instead changes them a little to make Suzaku a more interesting character. As a result, those that are invested in the canon of the anime may find that frustrating. For me, I had a problem with the storytelling itself; this manga felt like a series of scene vignettes (showing Suzaku’s viewpoint instead of Lelouche’s from key points in the anime) rather than a story that flows. It’s choppy, skips around everywhere, and can even be confusing in places.


The treatment of the book is lovely: two color pages at the beginning. I almost wish it was a bit larger rather than standard manga size to show off that feature. But the art is very well done and in several places, I liked the manga much more than the anime. The manga takes off so many of the ‘sharp’ edges from the anime.

This is definitely one for fans of the anime only since you will have to have seen it first (and recently) to understand what is happening. If not, nothing will make sense in the book’s haphazard ‘flash forward’ type of storytelling that hops all over the place in the anime story.

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