Adventure Cats by Laura J Moss

Adventure Cats is beautifully presented, well thought-out, informative, and simply wonderful. By far, one of my favorite books this year; surprising considering this is a non fiction book. But the author’s love of the subject, depth of information presented, and beautiful photographs make this an enjoyable read on all levels. Even better, it all makes great sense and can make your life and your cat(s) life even richer.


The book breaks down as follows: Introduction (story of how the author came to write the book), the basics, safety, hiking and camping, cats on water, winter adventures, and jaunts in your local neighborhood. Also included are inspiring stories of cats who overcame disabilities to enjoy the outdoors and a full resources list.

The book starts with the basics – harnesses, leash training, clickers, body language, traveling. Then, smartly, before getting into the specifics of different adventures, safety concerns are discussed in detail. First aid kits, sunscreen, packing for a trip, dehydration, toxic plants, run away cats, other animals, etc. Of importance, of course, is whether your cat will actually enjoy the outdoors or if their personality means it will be too stressful to be worthwhile.

Once the basics and safety are out of the way, the book gets into specific trips. Hiking and camping trips start small with the backyard and then move on to hitting the trails. Water adventures are also discussed, starting with how cats swim, do they really hate water, lifejackets, etc. For those who live in Northern climes, Winter concerns gets a short chapter. Finally, city/urban cat adventures are covered – exploring the concrete jungle, street smarts, even creating adventure areas on patios or gardens. It isn’t always about taking kitty on far away trips.

The running theme of the book is your cat’s happiness. For most cats, they greatly welcome the adventure but also appreciate the security of their home turf. Interspersed throughout the book are wonderful and inspirational stories of cats and their respective outdoor lives. Quite a few breeds are covered.

There is an impressively large amount of content in this book but it is all beautifully categorized and presented. Professional, full color images of cats are accompanied by intuitive and smart layout choices. It’s definitely one of the nicest non fiction books I’ve read with plenty of personality and a great attitude that is reflected in the text and the design. And for once, the content is equally impressive to the art – this book covers a lot more than you would think there would be on the subject.

In all, if you have a cat, you definitely owe it to yourself to give them the richest life possible. And even better, adventuring with your cat will enrich your life as well. This book provides the instruction and motivation to enjoy more time with your cat in a whole new way. Highest recommendation. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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