The Lawrence Browne Affair by Cat Sebastian

30226770.jpgThe Lawrence Browne affair is a solidly written Regency romance that ticks off all the right boxes of the genre: scruffy scoundrel, ‘damaged’ noble, loyal dog, dastardly characters, misunderstandings, and a happily ever after ending. If the book adds nothing new, that’s fine as well. It’s a nice read and flows smoothly.


George is a confidence artist who needs a place to hide when he finds he can’t steal from a nice old lady. Lawrence is the Earl of Radon and from a family whose history of madness has greatly tainted him. He lives alone, inventing, and hoping one day he doesn’t give in to the family madness himself. When relatives look to take away Lawrence’s title, a ‘secretary’ is sent to assess the situation. George assumes that position (and many others) under false pretenses but genuine begins to fall for his ‘mark’. Together, the two will work out each other’s problems and come to love each other at the same time.

Sebastian writes the romantic elements nicely and the plot is set up perfectly for that emphasis. Both Georgie and Sebastian are good people in bad circumstances and each is in a position to help the other. Side plots of military inventions, Cornwall smuggling, family madness, and Georgie’s underground connections all add to the main romance story.

The Lawrence Browne affair is a light and airy book with positive themes throughout. Those looking for a ‘pick me up’ romance will enjoy this sweet tale of M/M romance in Regency England. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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