Small Favors by Colleen Coover

What Small Favors lacks in storytelling, it more than makes up for in charm and joy. Freed completely from any patriarchal restraints whatsoever, what we have is a series of short vignettes that have one goal in mind: find reasons to think about, talk about, and especially perform various sexual acts. It’s cute as hell for porn though I wish it explored the emotional side as well as the it does so completely for the physical.


Story: Annie is daydreaming of her cute neighbor again while masturbating – when her conscience appears and tells her she will get a ‘minder’ to make sure she spends less time with sex. Fortunately for Annie, her minder just wants to have sex all the time as well – and with her small size, the two get into all kinds of ‘situations’ together that lead to mutual enjoyment.

There’s not much to say about Small Favors – I certainly don’t want to psycho-analyze the plot since it really is fluffy and should be viewed that way. The drawings are clean – reminiscent of the Archies and that era. The book is black and white with no color. Yes, it is very explicit – this is rightly titled porn and not erotica. But the love the author put into creating this is evident and I loved seeing porn from a female viewpoint and with uninhibited charm. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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